Serene Health Services provides excellence in housekeeping and laundry to the healthcare industry.

We are recognized for our golden standard in cleanliness and customer service.

we take your business a step further to give it that edge that it needs to stick out in a competitive marketplace.

Infection Prevention And Control

Following strict guidelines set out by our Corporate Infection Preventionist and adhering to regulatory standards and requirements, SHS has developed and enhanced proven programs that specifically focus on infection prevention.

Our Programs

The keys to effective, consistent, and compliant services are accurate and precise implementation and adherence. SHS has been implementing laundry and environmental programs close to a decade, with each program encompassing –

Key Components

There are three key components to SHS’s Excellence function, ensuring the delivery of the highest-possible service outcomes. These are Operational, Regulatory, and Customer Excellence.


Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is focused on achieving high operating standards through systems adherence and objective performance measurements.


Regulatory Excellence

The aim of Regulatory Excellence is ‘deficiency-free’ environments. This is achieved by implementing a survey-process system and standardizing survey readiness assessments.


Customer Excellence

Customer Excellence measures satisfaction of all stakeholders, whether they be employees, residents, or clients. This is achieved through objective measures, like in-depth interviews and surveys.

Our motto at SHS is 'Get The Job Done' and this is achieved by doing what it takes to be excellent.

Enjoy An Exceptional Dining Experience

The focus of our field-based, multi-level management structure is our commitment to excellence, whilst always adhering to stringent industry regulations. Our associates are highly trained on the latest techniques by culinary experts, and we hold ourselves completely accountable for delivering optimal outcomes and consistent top-quality services.
We completely understand that meals are often the highlight of the day for residents, and sometimes it’s one of the few aspects of their daily lives they have control over. That’s why we always endeavour to deliver an exceptional experience for every meal.

Our goal is to ensure our guests’ needs are met, and providing an amazing experience is at the forefront of everything we do. We also aim for consistency in respecting individual dietary needs and tastes, and focus on delivering high-quality meals to our guests every day.

We welcome all feedback and actively solicit comments and assessments.

About SHS’s Culinary Excellence Team

Our Culinary Excellence team consists of a network of culinary experts and executive chefs whose only focus is to improve the dining experience in each and every community we manage. This highly experienced team is fully committed to educating through leadership training and hands-on skill development. Our team is always seeking improved culinary techniques, thus continually elevating our dining services and enhancing the overall resident and guest experience. Our commitment to Culinary Excellence is complemented by our efforts to provide impeccable service and enhanced regulatory and operational outcomes.

In addition, associates of SHS have every opportunity to further develop their own skill-set, thus creating new career advancement and leadership opportunities.

SHS Delivers People-Centered Care

Respecting guests’ culinary choices and preferences, and driving positive outcomes, are SHS ssociates’ core priorities. All our Registered Dieticians are extensively trained and receive hands-on experience in a wide range of healthcare settings, including rehabilitation centers, senior living, and acute care, ensuring their comprehensive education is accompanied by extensive practical experience.

It’s their mission to ensure all residents have a great choice, at the same time honoring food preferences and developing unique resident-centered plans to promote nutritious habits while recognizing dietary restrictions.

Fully Supported for Optimal Outcomes

All SHS clinical professionals are fully and directly supported by field-based senior leadership,  SHS  provides comprehensive, on-going training through our electronic platform to ensure compliance with State and Federal regulations.

It’s our aim at SHS to deliver the highest-quality regulatory and nutritional outcomes possible and to deliver these outcomes in a way that promotes ongoing guest satisfaction.

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